Friday, September 03, 2010


看到阿米(MIKIKO)做水粿, 我也手痒痒。。。我也要join. 


Kueh Ingredients:
300g Rice Flour
25g Wheat Starch (澄面粉)
25g Corn Flour
1tsp Salt
450ml Water
760ml Hot Boiling Water

1. All 3 type of flour mix well in a pot.
2. Add 450ml of water to flour, mix it well to ensure there is no lump.
3. Bring 760ml of water to boil, once boiling pour into the flour mixture.
4. Add in Salt & keep stirring.
5. Keep stirring until it looks like glue texture. If the batter not reach the stage, bring it to the stove to cook it till a portion of it stick to the wooden ladle, remove from fire.
6. Grease the mould with a bit oil, pour in batter, about 3/4 filled, bring to steam for 16 min. Remove from mould & ready to serve.

Radish Topping:
300g Preserved Radish (咸菜) - soak for 1hour and chopped into smaller bites
10pieces Garlic - chopped
20g Dried Shrimp - soak and chopped into smaller bites
1tbsp Brown Sugar

1. Bring garlic to fry till golden brown.
2. Add in dried shrimp, fry till fragrant.
3. Add in the radish, fry for 10-20min till it almost dry up.
4. Add in the sugar, continue to stir fry.
5. Can add more oil if necessary, fry till the radish is jumping then can off fire.



  1. 其实水粿是什么味道的,我好像没吃过呢!

  2. 它象米糕。。加上虾米菜圃。。。清清,咸咸的!!嗯!赞啦!想到就想再吃,我现在去准备早餐咯,给你做一份哟。。嘻嘻!